Sensera Finds “Free Ambassadors”
and Enjoys Improved Retention After Incorporating Tribally In-app Feed

Let’s face it: no one is immune to everyday’s stress and hassle, and it wouldn’t hurt to get help putting our mind at ease. Here is how Sensera is using Tribally feed to support their users and help them get the most out of the self-therapy app.


✅ Get product feedback

✅ Identify the best user segments 

✅ Increase user retention

The Approach:

Sensera was nurturing the idea of creating an in-app community since its launch in 2021, as it fit its concept perfectly. They even had an unfortunate experience with the Discourse community. That experiment failed because users weren’t keen to share their personal stories on a third-party platform. As a result, Sensera decided to integrate the Tribally in-app social feed and follow Tribally guide’s step-by-step advice.

“The problem we’re trying to solve with Sensera is creating a safe and inclusive space for people suffering from emotional disorder and anyone who wants to improve their mental health,” says Struk. “We follow our mission by creating excellent content, numerous relaxation techniques, and a community-centered app where users can share their problems and support each other, which everyone needs so badly.”

Sensera Results

With integrated Tribally feed

Sensera Results

With integrated Tribally feed

Sensera Results

With integrated Tribally feed

About Sensera

Created in 2021, the Sensera app is a self-therapy coach for mild mental issues with a selection of original courses and practices, written by certified therapists. The founders launched Sensera with the mission to help people with their mental problems, organize the best atmosphere for improving their inner strength, and suggest the best tools and practices in therapy so that everyone can feel the result and get help.

Sensera has themed courses for various psychological problems, more than 25 relaxations for different cases, and about 50 analyzed emergencies adapted for adults. The app also has daily mental practice to make caring for mental health a habit. In a way, people undergoing cognitive behavioral disorder become their own therapists and learn to understand their behavioral patterns, which helps them act and react in healthier ways even in difficult situations.

Sensera’s Steps In Building a Community

Exploring the Tribally Guide

Any brand pursuing the path of closer interaction with their clients struggles with content ideas at first and looks for a surefire way to begin the brand-user conversation. As a company well-versed in these struggles, Tribally created a guide, which step-by-step explains to companies the approach and provides first moves to spark conversations and get users to generate their own content.

Making First Efforts

Following the advice given in the guide, the Sensera team created a welcome post with detailed information of what the feed’s purpose is and what users can do there. The post got an immediate response in the form of likes and comments. Inspired by the reaction, they decided to stick to the guide and created several user posts to engage their audience and showcase all the benefits of the in-app community.

Reaping User Generated Content

To their big surprise, this strategy yielded results in just ten days, then users took the initiative and began commenting and sharing their problems and stories. The Sensera team stopped posting themselves in 2 weeks, as by that time, users started creating their own posts and supporting each other with comments. “The greatest thing is that they feel safe to do that, as they are surrounded by like-minded people with similar experience, which creates a much-needed sense of belonging” says Struk.

How Are Things Now

In just a month after integrating the Tribally in-app social feed, this Sensera startup took their business to a new level, increasing retention by more than double and getting essential product feedback and ideas for future development. Not to mention the fact that they now clearly understand who their audience is and what it needs.

The Tribally feed is user domain now with the Sensera team hardly meddling in discussions. With that in mind, the team monitors the activity and leaves comments to give support, inform if there are courses that can help this particular user, or refer users for extra help if the app can’t do anything with the problem described in a post. It has truly become a user-oriented community.

Community Opened Up New Opportunities

🔺 Based on generated feedback, Sensera has come up with new courses to satisfy users’ needs. Also, thanks to users’ reports, the company scheduled several product improvements to simplify app navigation.

🔺 Sensera managed to develop a functioning community with active users who share their personal issues in just a month. With this success story, they are going to pitch new investors, as now the app looks even more appealing for financing.

🔺 After generating the next round of investments, the founders plan to ratchet up their marketing efforts to drive more app downloads and continue to grow their community.

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